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Shifting System Mindsets

I recently co-facillitated a two day workshop for an undisclosable Dubai government entity to help their employees learn how to reach their goals for 2020. Generally the workshop proved to be more of an introduction to the process for the participants as their knowledge for innovation was minimal. Participants found it challenging to let go of their systems and the requirements of their existing roles. Many were inspired by the programme but struggled to understand how it could apply to their non “creative" roles. Accountants and Lawyers specifically struggled.

reative” roles (lawyers, accountants) and frequently mentioned that their structure does not offer opportunity for this type of thinking in it’s process and approach. Which to me is a huge opportunity for to help set up an internal innovation system for employees to submit ideas and allow they to co-collaborate internally in nominating ideas and creating committees to execute.

More soon as soon as the project is finalized in 2018.

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