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Luma is a designer, facilitator, and foresight strategist who applies a design thinking approach to problem-solving in her work. She develops research, strategies, programs, and partnership opportunities for her clients. In addition, she facilitates a range of tailored sessions and workshops for visionary thinking, collaboration and co-creation, and insight into opportunities for innovation.


Luma grew up shuttling between California, where she was born, and Kuwait, where she is from. This instilled in her a deep understanding of Eastern and Western cultures, their nuances, and how they impact each other. This understanding is evident in her work and aspirations and the cultural sensitivity of her interactions. In 2010, after almost a decade of professional experience in New York,  she moved to the Middle East to be a part of the creative development of the region. In 2019 she moved to the UK with her startup MNDBAR to pursue partnership leads with London-based office retailers. Now Luma is based out of Amsterdam, seeking a more purpose-driven living.


Luma believes that the construct of design has the power to increasingly influences our interconnected world, shaping perspectives and shifting cultures. Her career has been focused on challenging norms, transforming perceptions, & striving for impactful design systems that nurture growth and development.  

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