Foresight Ambassador




Envisioning is the world’s first intelligence platform for emerging technology.

It combines data visualization with

systematic tech research in order to understand & prepare for the future.


Founding Director




MNDBAR cultivates a ’Possibilities Mindset’ through a series of technology driven experiences––building a capacity for clear thinking & creative problem solving, for optimized performance & greater impact.





Executive Leadership Program

THNK School of Creative Leadership Amsterdam, NL 2016


Masters in Design Entrepreneurship

School of Visual Arts

New York, NY 2004-2006


Dynamic Interactive Design

Parsons School of Design

New York, NY 2003


Bachelor Engineering / Design

American University of Beirut

Beirut, Lebanon 2003






SIM Digital Health Program

Southbank University

London, Fall 2019

The Future of Work: Preparing for


The World Bank–

Open Learning Campus

Online Summer 2019

The Science of Well-being

Yale University–Coursera

Online Summer 2019

Leading from the Emerging Future

MIT Prescencing Institute EDX

Online Fall 2018


• Bold critical & creative thinking skills

that translate into unique intuitive

analyses & detailed executions.

• Broad knowledge of technology landscape with sufficient technical understanding

to assess trends.

• Unique talent to connect unrelated

ideas in unprecedented ways to construct  new meaning & innovative solutions.

• Ability to translate, communicate

& present complex problems in clear

& succinct ways.

• Flexible nature to solve problems,

multi-task, & manage diverse teams for optimal collaborative results.

• Experienced knowledge in design

& development softwares.

• Fluent in English & Arabic,

proficient in French.



‘A Case for Making Space’

Thrive Global Online

May 6, 2019


Dubai Lynx Awards Silver

ENOC Best of Brand Identity

Dubai, UAE 2017


Contemporary Arab Branding

Communicate Magazine

Dubai, UAE February 2014


Dubai Lynx Awards Silver

IDAM Best of Brand Identity

Dubai, UAE 2012


5 Arab Clichés to Avoid

Wamda Entrepreneurship Platform

Dubai, UAE November 2011


Terex Brand, Emblem Health, TCW

Brand Identity Essentials

New York, NY Published 2010


Graphis Annual Reports

TCW Annual Report 2008 Recognition

New York, NY 2010


Graphis Designers USA No. 3

TEREX Brand Identity and Brand Book

New York, NY 2010


AIGA Best Of 2008

Emblem Health Brand Book

New York, NY 2008


Baseline Magazine, Issue 48

Dancing Type and Music Videos

Article by Steven Heller 2006


Innovation Director

MBR Initiative for Global Prosperity

Global 2019- Present


Facilitated workshops with institutional, governmental, & academic stakeholders

around the selected UNSDG theme solutions.


Researched & reported on selected themes

including designing challenges for the

challenge cohorts.


Summarized quantitative & qualitative

findings in a report based on research &

workshop outputs.



Innovation Director & Facilitator

Envisioning–World Government Summit

Dubai, UAE 2017-2019


Designed & facilitated a series of master-classes

on how technology is transforming the world,

the principles of technological change, & how

to leverage relevant emerging technologies.


Trained users on how to use the envisioning

platform, & how to use the research in their respective industries & functions.


Applied the research to design thinking

processes to invent new solutions & systems.


Identified & engaged prospective clients around

the benefits of the platform, including managing custom requests for research & development.



Project Director

Landor–Riyadh Development Authority

Riyadh, SA Spring 2019


Advised & managed the research, strategic

thinking, & project development of redesigning Riyadh into an active, public space, & community driven city.


Oversaw relationship management,

team direction, & overall implementation

& delivery.


Engaged with key stakeholders &

identified partners to define opportunities

& receive necessary approvals.



Program Director

Designing Futures/DP Innovation Lab

Dubai, UAE Spring Cohort 2017


Developed & facilitated an inaugural program

for all employees to move through the lab.


Identified opportunities in which innovation could integrate into daily tasks, roles & responsibilities,

& the overall ambition of the company.






Creative Director




Recruited & developed design talent & successfully built an award-winning team within two years.


Consistently led firm's communication & presentation efforts to facilitate strong project management & prioritize client's strategic goals.


Supervised a team of strategists, designers,

art-workers, copywriters & support personnel to work collaboratively and more effectively improving office culture & team engagement.


Creative Director



Managed full creative teams & multiple partners/vendors; responsible for all budgeting

& scheduling of client.


Supervised new business efforts, outreach & implementation. Cultivated an environment

of mentoring & support.


Led strategy & creative for Qatar Museum Authority projects including The  Museum  of  Islamic  Art  Doha & the Phillip Starck Alain Du Casse IDAM Restaurant. Other clients include Abu Dhabi Science Center, Masdar, Vida Hotels, to name a few.


Design Director

Wolff Olins


Directed all creative efforts devoted to business development for the agency.


Responsible for managing and advising key clients

on their strategic brand implementation through

a variety of mediums.


Clients include Bank Audi, Aldar, Alfuttaim, Ashok, Zayed National Museum & Kuwait Finance House.


Senior Designer




Responsible for strategy development & design conception for brands including the KAUST,

Aramco, Environmental Defense Fund, Comcast,

Sony, TCW Investments, LexisNexis, Museum

of Art and Design New York, EmblemHealth,

Terex, USMINT and Keybank.





Contributed to the development & design

of a variety of Nakheel Developer projects.

Cultural Consultant

Changeist–Dubai Future Foundation

Dubai, UAE Spring 2019


Coached participants on the principles of Future Foresight as defined by The Changeist.


Contextualized future foresight concepts culturally

to explore how they could be relevant, as well as explored the cultural nuances that make the

concepts more difficult to grasp.


Guided participants through stages of creative exploration, future foresight, & developing their conceptual ideas into tangible solutions.



Curatorial Director

Brag–Emaar ‘The Future of Living’ Experience

Dubai, UAE Spring 2018


Curated the latest ideas, concepts, & conversations around the “Future of Living”, including research

& development, securing sponsorships, & writing

all exhibition material.


Led all areas of the four months of the event,

from p,re-planning, to daily production & post-event

activities, including installation & budget planning.


Served as a brand ambassador and spokesperson, handling all VIP guests, delivering lectures & managing press & publication.



Creative Leadership Facilitator

SEIF–Sustain Leadership

Dubai, UAE SPRING 2017


Designed & developed a creative leadership

program for corporate management to facilitate

their understanding of leadership as purpose driven.


Transformed a 5 year strategy plan into an

innovative future focused program that included

the introduction of seamless new processes & opportunities to leverage emerging technologies

for an increase of productivity & efficiency.



Design Thinking for Women Empowerment

THNK & MOFAIC (Ministry of Foreign

Affairs & International Cooperation)

Abu Dhabi, UAE FALL 2016


Developed & Facilitated a workshop on finding creative solutions to challenges related to the

UN SDG goal for Women Empowerment.


Identified cultural implications of the SDG’s

on the local community to identify practical opportunities for challenge solutions.








The Future of Work

ING UK––Senior Management Retreat

October 2, 2019


Delivered keynote lecture on ‘The Future

of Work’ & the key considerations for investment banking as the industry transforms with new technological advancements. Topics included automation vs. innovation, storytelling & collective intelligence as key opportunities, & the

necessity of mindset development.


Creative Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence Future Talks , Pulse 95 Radio

September 12, 2019


Interviewed on how the future of work is

drastically changing with automation & AI &

how to prepare our workforce to be agile &

adaptable with respect to the impact it will have

on individuals both personally & professionally.


Design Thinking for Mindset Development Astrolabs Accelerator

January 28, 2018


Delivered a lecture to accelerator members

on how design thinking can be used on a day

to day basis to maintain clarity & efficiency

in start-ups, while offering opportunities to

evolve and transform products & services.


Shifting Perspectives for Societal Impact

Nuqat Foundation Conference

November 21, 2016


Facilitated a workshop on how to use Design

Thinking as a process to find purpose, explore

ideas, & solve societal challenges, identifying

key opportunities to innovate for greater impact locally in our communities.


Lecturer—Designing ‘Modern’

Nuqat Design Foundation Conference

Kuwait City, Kuwait May 2012


Delivered a keynote on creating ‘modern’

identities in the contexts of tradition, including evaluating brand-scapes, creating frameworks

to guide the process & development of identity creating for a region, & mastering the link

between strategy & creativity.