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The Evolution of Energy
ENOC — Brash 2016

From a local oil and gas player to a global operator, and covering the entire energy value chain - ENOC touches the lives of people in so many ways. As the world changes quickly towards sustainable solutions, ENOC had to evolve its business to become the lifeblood of the region, enabling sustainable solutions throughout. This new value proposition offers an emotional connection to experience the true value of the evolution of energy at the crossroads of innovation.


A World of Discovery
Abu Dhabi Science Museum — Brash 2015

Science is not always considered to be an entertainment experience. We worked with the Science Museum of Abu Dhabi to re-imagine the world of science as an experience of discovery and imagination, where kids would come to dream big through interactive experiences and engaging programming–introducing science as a world of discovery, magic, and edu-tainment. 


Bringing Life to Learning
MIA  Landor 2012

A prominent building designed by I. M Pei, the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha stood domineeringly on the city's coast, with most city residents feeling alienated from its content and experience. By activating it with dynamic experiences and interactive engagements, MIA became an active public space, making Islamic art more accessible, contemporary and relevant–shifting perspectives and changing cultures. 


Get Dirty
TEREX — Siegel + Gale 2008

Terex became a renowned player in the manufacturing of construction equipment, quickly challenging industry leaders. Known for its pristine white machinery, superior quality, and reliable affordability, Terex needed little to position it better against competitors. Still, Catepillar's legacy was hard to nudge. We leaned into the purpose of their product and tapped into the B2B market's consumer needs– defining Terex as the solution that isn't afraid to 'get dirty' and experience construction at its best.


Unlocking Public-Private Partnerships
ِENSPIRE — Brash 2014

Enspire Group partners with governments to identify opportunities to unlock hidden value in their countries and markets. Utilizing these untapped assets, they create professionally managed, government-linked companies to drive economic activity. Building a prism-like digital platform for this experience was a fundamental part of their solution where Enspire could bring together global capital with the very best commercial and technical talent to scale.


The Cutting-Edge Culinary 
IDAM — Landor 2013

In partnership with Alain Ducasse and Philippe Starck, IDAM Restaurant tells a story of light shed on cultural delicacies and reinvented traditions. By bringing together cutting-edge technological and artistic experiences we realized an award winning digital restaurant experience that blends the best of Middle Eastern culture and cuisine.


The Power of Three
BA — Wolff Olins 2010

As banks merge and evolve, they are required to become more flexible with the times. BA needed to reflect a new vision of flexibility and synergy between their previously siloed offering platforms to respond to market demands. For this new vision, we built a dynamic system leveraged through 'the power of three', to reconnect the different practices and ground the banking practice in its interdependent triple power offer. 


A "True" Seamless Enablement
Comcast — Siegel + Gale 2009

At the cusp of its time, Comcast needed to simplify the HDTV experience and enable consumer electronics companies, content developers, network programmers, and others to have a seamless TV interactivity experience. Tru2way represented a stepping stone development to all future seamless streaming innovations.

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